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The Healthy Office  
Every day health strategies for a better workplace
You spend a major part of your day in your office. It should be a healthy, safe environment for you, your employees—and even for your data. Here are three ways to make your office the best it can be:
Health: A healthier office means less loss from sick days, and less stress for you and your company. Providing hand sanitizing products, touchless restroom fixtures, and other safety equipment is a win-win for everyone.
Ergonomics: Less stress equals greater work-efficiency. Could your office be more comfortable and ergonomically healthy? Let us help you design the best work environment.
Data Security: Is your data safe? If not, you’re at risk for serious losses and complications. We can help you explore your options in the latest security technology and equipment.
Disinfecting office wipes
Keyboard cleaning wipes
Alcohol wipes
Screen wipes
Cell phone wipes
Germicidal cleaners
Lysol spray
Lysol disinfecting wipes
3M desk office wipes
Hand sanitizers & soaps
Screen cleaning kits
Rest room supplies

Eye protection
Face and ear protection
Disposable gloves
Work gloves
Supports and safety vests
First-aid kits and supplies
Antimicrobial file folders